Who is IA

The person behind Integral Alchemy is Lenica. Hi, nice to meet you. I’m excited and grateful to have you here on my page. It would be my greatest pleasure to share with you the energy and intention of integral alchemy.

I enjoy moving, traveling, learning new things and spending time with animals and in nature. So now, rather than a list of long and boring credentials, I’d like to share with you my vision:

I would like to see and live in – a world in which the health of a community/society is seen as a direct product of the health and development of its individuals. A world in which the tools and techniques for the maintenance of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health are all common knowledge and general practice. A world in which the development of internal technology is at least as important as that of external technology. A world that embraces its past, its present and its future. A world in which being present and connected to the moment is of great value. A world in which love and care are extended to all living beings, as part of this intricate web of life – where the maintenance of harmony within the eco-system is of the utmost importance… Basically a world that is more whole, more encompassing than it is now.

The way I see it, none of these things can happen on a large scale if they don’t happen at an individual level first, and then spread into the interpersonal realm, spread into the systems in place. Integral Alchemy is my attempt at transforming the world, by first transforming myself, and then assisting others in their transformation. It is an ongoing process of cultivation and growth, not something that you can master and then sit back. Each day I learn, each day I practice, each day I reach and try, and each day I embrace and hold with compassion all that I can. Each day I remind myself of my intention. Not every day do I feel glorious or accomplished, but every day I make an effort to be present in this practice.

I believe each of us has their own recipe – a mix of work that needs to be done for personal development to take place, ingredients that need to be added. And that at each phase of our life this changes. At the same time I believe that many of the practices I share are universal, such as meditation, certain dietary guidelines, psychological shadow-work etc.. This is why I’ve chosen to think of Integral Alchemy not as a system or a recipe in itself, but rather as a laboratory set-up with all the possible ingredients and tools you can imagine to make that alchemy happen. It’s a large space into which you can integrate other practices/tools that fit in and you don’t necessarily need all of them at the same time – but they’re there just in case or for later use. You’ll know if a tool or practice fits into this alchemical laboratory if it potentially serves to fulfill the intention of transformation towards a greater whole.

My own journey has been both smooth and bumpy. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been angry and disappointed and I’ve been hopeful and full of love. I’ve struggled and there have been times in my life where I felt shut out from joy and love, and other moments where I was overflowing with love and bliss, transcending time, space and self. And that has always been the great mystery to me – how can a being, capable of merging with the cosmic consciousness in one moment, feel abysmally disconnected and alone in another? In trying to understand this I unknowingly built the foundations of Integral Alchemy unfolding before me now.

Thank you for reading. I would love to connect with you if you are interested in knowing more.