Integral Alchemy

Welcome to Integral Alchemy – a project to further our evolution.

Alchemy is the search for the ultimate transformation – transforming led into gold, or  – in more spiritual terms – the separate-self into the fully realized I-amness. So imagine you could build a magical, alchemical laboratory in which you intended to transform this self (and/or the world), from the metaphorical led to radiant gold. Imagine you had all the flasks, apparatuses and ingredients necessary, everything the instructions told you you would need… but somehow the magic was still not happening.

For thousands of years wisdom traditions, spiritual teachers and students have struggled with the questions: how does transformation really happen? What causes it and how can we reliably reproduce it in other humans? Many teachers and teachings proclaim to know the way, but most of these paths lack clarity – regardless of whether they work or not. We still don’t understand the how.

Rather than trying to find the one true path, the integral vision is to find truth in all of them and thus elucidate with clarity the mechanisms of change. But why change at all? First and foremost this is about you! About you wanting more out of life – from more joy, to unlocking your potentials. From gaining peace of mind, to more love and deeper relationships. From a cleaner, safer and richer environment to becoming one with the evolutionary impulse or spirit itself. All of these things require change – and it starts with you.

This is the first magical ingredient that needs to be added, that no instructions can really explain to you and that cannot be found externally. You need to be activated by having the intention, the belief and the commitment to make this change of yourself happen. And while the intention might be fairly easy to formulate, belief and commitment are far harder to come by and to maintain, especially since many internal and external forces of conservation exist – and with good reason. After all, not every change is necessarily a good one.

Integral Alchemy aims to offer you a road-map as to where positive transformation can take you – what awaits you as you evolve. It also offers many of the tools that wisdom traditions and modern science have uncovered to facilitate change, and offers real experiences of transformation in action as we practice and experience our alchemical concoction. It is a life practice to continuously hold and renew one’s intention and commitment, and to explore the new and unfolding world within and without.

The practice of Integral Alchemy is 4-dimensional to include all sides of our existence: 

Our internal world, the mind, the emotions, our subjective experience; the external manifestation of the self, i.e. the body; the interpersonal realm or we-space; our environments or the systems/contexts that we are embedded into. This is inspired by the AQAL model of Integral Theory.

Integral means holistic, inclusive and seen from all perspectives. So living integral lives, practicing integral alchemy we strive to grow, to transform, to connect on deeper and deeper levels. It’s about feeling and loving more fully, accepting the perfection of each moment, while striving to create an ever developing, marvelous future. It’s about healing our selves and our relationships, gaining understanding about all levels and complexities of our existence, and then accessing all of our potential by harmonizing all these aspects. In doing this we not only experience reality more fully and gain flexibility and stability in our responses to outside events, but we also grow our capacity to love and care for an ever expanding number of things – making us more capable to understand and tackle the big problems of our times.

To learn more about the actual practice please read this link.