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Practical Ideas to Change your Life


I’ve written about steps we can take to help improve our living conditions on a global scale by implementing the plan for the planet schedule – and I will probably be repeating some of the ideas from there here. But in this article I’d like to get a little more practical.

A recent series of conversations has led me to empathize more strongly with the following issues:

a) many people are struggling with their lives even if they seem financially set. A general feeling of dissatisfaction exists and many people long for more connection and naturalness in their lives.

b) People are deeply confused and concerned about media propagated topics used for fear-mongering and in order to push certain, national polices – only to the gain of an industry that is not in any way improving our quality of life. Even if technically we have “better” conditions than previous generations, a large percentage of people feel scared, stressed and depressed for the better part of their lives and many are longing for change.

c) Adults as well as children have nothing to grasp at when looking for a meaningful existence or a direction to set in their lives. A complete lack of morals/ethics and values pervades our 21st century culture. So if we are not already paralyzed by our fears and stress, then the lack of direction and over-flooding with (useless or contradicting) information will do the rest, leaving us incapable of doing anything but walking in circles.

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Experience Hunters

The new face of consumerism

The present writer does not wish to portray the following matter as a complaint, but rather as an area in which we as humans in this day and age (2020) can grow, bringing more life into life, rather than furthering certain destructive and alienating tendencies that seem to exist.

The matter in question is what we generally call experience and our relationship to it. To elaborate further, first we’ll take a look at what exactly we are calling “experience” here:

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Off Grid For 4 Months And Counting

It’s been four months now that I’ve been living off the grid on a plot of land with no electricity, no real running water and no neighbors. You would think the inevitable questions would arise, whenever I tell people about this, but often my interlocutors are too perplexed by the exotic nature of my life to really ask anything at all. What are we – my partner and I – doing out there? Why have we chosen to live like that and, surely, it’s just temporary, right? Soon, internet connection and solar panels will bring the modern day and age back into our back-yard…

I’m not really sure.

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Original Sin and the Environmental Crisis

Before you wonder, this is not going to be a religious article – I’m using the term Original Sin to describe a phenomenon I believe is keeping us from fully integrating ourselves into the living world. Since there is a parallel to the idea of Original Sin and what I will be describing here, I found it made sense to use the term, especially since we can’t deny that Christian philosophy has influenced and shaped the western world to a large degree.

I’ve written about this phenomenon before here, but when I did I realized it warranted an entire post on its own to expound: Ingrained in our language and our thought patterns we have a notion of something like “Original Sin”, which hinders us at finding harmonious ways to be with the non-human, rest of the world. Human nature that is, is initially bad.
Even if we are not Christian or not religious it exists as a kind of subtle and hidden story we tell ourselves. This is true not only for English speakers but is probably present in most latin-based languages and germanic based languages – I only know a few of each, so I’m not sure. Whether it exists in other languages or not, perhaps some Russian, Japanese and Chinese speakers for example could tell us.

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A Plan For The Planet

In my previous entry I spoke of the road towards sustainability and how we have to start somewhere, without feeling like hypocrites just because we can’t become 100% eco-friendly over night. We can’t expect to extract ourselves from a culture of waste and wastefulness – unless we literally drop all our ties and live as a hermit on a mountain. For most of us that’s not a realistic scenario. But that doesn’t make doing SOME-thing useless. Doing a little bit, and then a little bit more is the way of nature. It’s the way everything grows – incremental, bit by bit. And that’s how we have to transform our current culture of waste and wastefulness into a culture of sustainability and regeneration, of cycles and systemic consciousness… We have to grow into it and we have to grow the culture itself. But sustainability is only one aspect of the culture that we need to create.

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The road towards sustainability

Under the name Naturalness Research (instagram @naturalness.research), my partner and I are planning an experimental living project intentionally moving towards ecological sustainability, partial self-sufficiency, quality-of-sulife enhancement, re-establishing or establishing a prosperous and harmonious relationship between humans and the earth (ecosystem), and similar things. I’m also surrounded by people who are very determined to rid the world of plastics, organizing beach clean-ups, ocean clean-ups and linking various recycling projects together. So my thoughts have been revolving around these topics recently.

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